(译)拉法贝尼特斯专栏:狙击伊布吧,杰拉德!【早安,迈阿密】- 12/8/2013 第70期望。

The Rafael Benitez Column: Gerrard can recall how we blocked out Ibrahimovic






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What’s up guys?

England must create a screen in front of the Sweden danger man and starve him 英格兰要以伊布前边树立平等志屏障,减少他的球权!


Rafael Benitez


Friday, 15 June


England have a very
clear obstacle tonight when they play Sweden in Kiev.Everyone will be talking
about Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the impact he has already had in these
championships for his country and before I go any further on the subject of
England I must say that I think that there is a way of dealing with



It’s seven years since
our Liverpool team encountered Ibrahimovic in the quarter-final of the
League, on our way to the Istanbul final of 2005. He was the big threat
in Fabio Capello’s Juventus side who
we met at that stage but our three-man defence in the Stadio delle
Alpi shut him
out for the goalless draw that sent us through, after a 2-1 win at




Yes, Ibrahimovic is
very dangerous in the air and he has a very fine touch, but he doesn’t
like physical
contact too much. He’s not the quickest player but when he receives the
ball to his feet, he likes to keep it,
controlling with his chest, perhaps, and bringing other players
in.He likes to
turn, pass, maybe win some fouls. You might say he’s a little like Peter
Crouch in some

of these positive
respects – a player who makes up in other ways what he might lack in



The key is to create a
screen in front of Ibrahimovic, to prevent him receiving the ball in
those areas.
Like so much else, that is a job for Steven Gerrard or Scott Parker in
the Olympic Stadium at Kiev. They will
frustrate him.




In Turin with
Liverpool that night in April 2005, we had six men in midfield, with
Xabi Alonso holding, so Juventus could
not find Ibrahimovic with the ball. It was a 3-5-1-1 system we used
and after they
had tried and tried without success to locate him with precise passes,
it meant they
had to try to find his threat in the air. But Sami Hyypia, who was
playing for me with

Jamie Carragher and
Djimi Traor in our defence, was better than Ibrahimovic in the air.
There was one
cross from Fabio Cannavaro that reached him but he put it over the bar.
We were not expected to come away from
Juventus with much that night but we were organised for Ibrahimovic, as England will
need to be.



: D )





Of course, England
will not want a 0-0 draw of their own in Kiev because that will bring a
lot more
pressure on an already tired team. The important thing for Roy Hodgson’s
side will be not to have their two banks of
four defending so deep. They didn’t take advantage of the high line
of the French
team in Donetsk on Monday. When you are so deep, you find that when
regain the ball
you have the other team on top of you. So, without doing too much the
opposition can stop the counter-attacks.
This means that you have to be very, very precise with the first two
passes when you
regain the ball, if you are to create the space which enables you to
start working
with the striker.


是罗伊·霍启森不要再次使这种 双层回撤得稀要命的防线,周一于顿涅斯克





England were defending
4-4-2 and attacking 4-2-3-1 and to me that was right. But they
couldn’t create
too much in counter-attack because they were too far back. John Terry
would regain
the ball but Karim Benzema or Samir Nasri would be on top of him so it
would not be easy for him to play a
simple pass. A lot depends on the energy of the wingers or the attacking
players to
break out fast from those deep positions. If you don’t have the energy,
it will be hard
to get up the field.


,进攻时则转移为4-2-3-1 ,这在我看来是正确的。





Everyone had been
talking about France before the game. But their system was flawed
because they
didn’t run behind the defenders and get strikers into the box. Benzema
and Nasri and Franck Ribry like to play
little passes between each other – to copy the style of Spain, if you
like. But again
you have to be very precise to play in this way and in the end they were
not a threat
because they were not getting anyone into the box. Their difficulties
were more about themselves than about
England’s central defenders. In the end, all they could do was shoot



纳斯里 里贝里 他们3口全可以像西班牙球星那样


How could it all work
differently against Sweden? Well, Sweden have conceded quite a lot of
goals from
headers – seven in 11 games – which could tell us there is an
opportunity here. Against France, England’s
two banks of four were sitting so deep that I don’t think Andy Carroll
would have been
an option, even as a substitute. But a side who concede a lot of headed
goals in this
way might be one who are also defending too deep – allowing cross after
cross, and therefore more goals.







If England, have
possession, control the game, assume they are stronger than Sweden and
attack them,
they will be closer to the box, and it will then be important to have
someone who can
head the ball. With Carroll, you could be sure you have a chance with
the first ball in, or the second ball. He could be
a good option.


更多之支配球权,用重新肉的打法,比瑞典再度加强壮 更富有攻击性,那么就将会重新仿佛禁区,重要之是,谁去做冲顶的角色?这便必了,对于卡罗尔来说,只要您能确保


Anyway, Stevie will
remember all about Zlatan and Juventus. He missed the Turin leg with an
injury but he
was very strong in our win at Anfield, driving the play. He is playing
far deeper for
Roy Hodgson and driving forward far less but I think that is correct. He
is the England midfielder who can pass the
ball and switch the play better than all the others. He can also be
that shield to
frustrate Zlatan, who definitely won’t have forgotten him.




兹拉坦· 伊布拉西莫维奇。


Hodgson needs tired
players to be honest with him



There is a lot of talk
about fatigue in the England team and it is certainly interesting to see
the way Poland
and Russia have been able to play. They  seem to have greater intensity
and tempo.




The conditions are
cooler in Krakow, where England are based, than in Ukraine where they
are playing. In
2007, before Liverpool went to Athens for the Champions League final
against Milan,
we trained at Murcia in south-east Spain. But you can’t control the
weather, of course.


西班牙底东南方–穆尔西亚自治区 训练。



In my experience, the
difficult part is making sure players are being honest when they say

are OK to play. I
remember when I was at Valencia, having four players who came back

international duty and
said: “Yes, yes we’re fine.” In the first minute of the game I could

they could not


在于确认球员 他们会坦白交代他们之人状态是不是适应比赛。





All these England
players are fighting for places and want to play, so they commit
everything to

play. It is why Scott
Parker didn’t want to come off the field when the bench asked him to

so the other night in




As a manager, however
tempted you might be to play one of your best players just because

says he’s fit, you
have to be honest with yourself. If a winger or a striker, with the
bursts of

pace they need, is
just slightly off his game you will see it the minute he starts the
game. Then

it will be too





Keep your eye on
captain Kuba



They call the Poland
captain Jakub Błaszczykowski just “Kuba” and I think the goal he scored
against Russia
the other night was so good that we know he will be one to watch if his
country progresses.


One of the great
things about tournaments is the way they can introduce us to new
goal against Russia wasn’t good luck – watch the way he went inside and
scored. That was enough for everyone to
be asking if he can prove other things in this tournament.







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Have you seen the Dolphins and the Steelers game today? It was in a snow
blizzard. The stadium staff just barely cleaned up the whiter markers on
the field so that the game could play. But people in the stands, (can we
call them Pittsburghers?) they showed up and watched the whole thing in
the snow storm! Most amazingly, at the last play, the Steelers were down
by 6 points. They were on their 18 yard line. They need a touch down to
win. There was 2 seconds left, and it was forth down! Sounded
impossible, right? So they started with a short pass, then the receiver
back passed to another receiver, then another receiver. Everybody looked
clumzy in the inch deep snow. The ball was still alive. Until the quater
back got the ball again. This time he tossed the ball to their fast guy,
Antonio Brown. The guy just took off. It was sickening to see him ran
faster and faster and got the blocks that he needed from his teamates
until the last defensive player. And he got around of that guy too.
People screamed like crazy. Touch down! I felt so disgusted since this
was an imporssible play and the loser was my team! And then the
commentators yielded, “He stepped out! He stepped out!” It turned out,
that Brown stepped out just an inch of his left foot at 13 yard line! So
there was no time left. Game over!

I have never seen football players exchange their team jerseys until
today. You can only see that in soccer games where those skinny looking
men run around. The two players, Brown and the Dolphin defense player
who forced him out of bound at yard 13 actually did just that. That was
out of mutual respect. It will be the play they talk about for a long

I went out ran a 5k tonight again. I did that in the middle of the Heat
game. They played Detroit. I found that running is so much better than
watching your favoured team play and clinching your teeth. When I came
back, they won. The big test will be Tuesday when they play Indiana.
Let’s go Heat!

State of the group: We ranked 167th today. Same as yesterday. But we
became the 3rd most active group. Although it’s not going to be long
before some other much bigger groups take us down, this still deserves a
selebration. Good jobs y’all!

Have agreat week!